Chemical Wash


What is Chemical Wash?


Chemical Wash is the process of cleaning the internal components of an air-conditioner with chemical, removing the external cover and using chemical to wash the evaporator coil. This can prevent and resolve any water leak issue and unpleasant odor.

This is recommended for clients who have not done aircon servicing for above 6 months.

Why Do Air-Conditioners Need Chemical Wash?

  • Improves air quality – Chemical wash will remove all dirt, grime, fungus and bacteria from the cooling unit, producing air that’s of higher quality that will be safe and healthy for everyone.

  • Improves efficiency & save electricity – When your air-conditioner has a lot of grime and debris buildup in its parts, it will have to work much harder and consume more energy than usual. When they require more energy, they consume more electricity. An inefficient air-conditioning system results in more expensive electricity bill.

  • Extends lifespan of air-conditioner – Regular chemical wash will ensure that the air-conditioner is running at its maximum efficiency for a much longer duration without breaking down any time soon.


Process of Chemical Wash

  • Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover

  • Check deodorising and purifying filter

  • Cleaning & checking indoor evaporator coil

  • Cleaning & checking indoor drainage tray

  • Vacuuming of drainage system

  • Checking fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)

  • Checking compressor suction and discharge pressure

  • Aircon gas top-up (chargeable, if necessary)

  • Tightening electrical contacts

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