Chemical Overhaul


What is Chemical Overhaul?


Chemical Overhaul is an in-depth, thorough cleaning and reconditioning of the air-conditioner in aircon servicing. The air-conditioner is disassembled and each part is carefully inspected, cleaned and replaced if defective.

This is recommended for clients with air conditioners that has been continuously used but without maintenance as normally, these units would likely have a problem with water leakage, uneven airflow from the blower, or unpleasant odor when turned on.

Why Do Air-Conditioners Need Chemical Overhaul?

  • Improves air quality – Chemical overhaul will get rid of built-up mold and bacteria from the air-conditioning unit, producing air that’s of higher quality that will be safe and healthy for everyone.

  • Improves efficiency & save electricity – When your air-conditioner has a lot of grime and debris buildup in its parts, it will have to work much harder and consume more energy than usual. When they require more energy, they consume more electricity. An inefficient air-conditioning system results in more expensive electricity bill.

  • Extends lifespan of air-conditioner – Chemical Overhaul will ensure that the air-conditioner is running at its maximum efficiency for a much longer duration without breaking down any time soon.

  • Air-condition leakage – Due to a choked coil

  • Air-conditioner not cold – Possibly due to ice accumulated in the condenser.

  • Air-conditioner takes a long time to cool the room – May be due to potential accumulation of dirt in the system.

  • Unpleasant odor from air-conditioner when turned on – Due to accumulation of bacteria in the fan coil unit.

  • Noisy air-conditioner – Due to a clogged aircon system.


Process of Chemical Overhaul

  • Dismantling of entire Fan Coil Unit (FCU) from the wall

  • Dismantling of electronic control and drainage device

  • Chemical overhaul of FCU and aircon parts

  • Servicing/Vacuuming of drainage system

  • Charging of refrigerant (limited to 10 PSI per system)

  • Checking of controls and thermostats

  • Commissioning and test run of system



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