Company Overview

3322CoolAir Pte Ltd has been established since 2022 as an aircon servicing company in Singapore. We are a subsidiary of Electio (S) Pte Ltd. Currently, our business operations are based solely in Singapore focusing on aircon servicing for both commercials and households. To provide our customers a variety of services at their convenience, our services ranges from aircon servicing to installation, painting to plumbing, and electrical work to maintenance work. As a company, we strongly believe in providing excellent services to our clients with honest solutions without providing unsolicited proposals.

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Electio (S) Pte Ltd has been established since 2013 as an office furniture company in Singapore. Our traditional business model is based on office furniture. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our business, we have now established into renovation. Electio (S) Pte Ltd has grown into a company with subsidiaries providing architectural, M&E, plumbing & sanitary and air-conditioning work. Currently, our business operations are largely based in Singapore focusing on office renovation both new projects as well as upgrading projects, private residential projects, institutional and commercial projects. We are also looking for opportunities to expand our business into the region and eventually establish our presence there through establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with reputable local companies.

Company Strategy

Aim & Vision

  • To offer the BEST selection of products of guaranteed quality to all of our customers.
  • To deliver high-quality services and goods that go above and beyond what our cherished clients anticipate.


  • To constantly attain excellence while being a leader in the office furniture and refurbishment business through the provision of improved services, relationships, and profitability.
  • By pursuing customer satisfaction through means of post-service feedback and flexible booking schedules, we hope to provide customers with efficient, smooth and up to date servicing. In addition, we strive to provide our customers and clients with loyal and long-lasting partnerships that they can rely on.


  • Regional growth in the office furniture and construction industries as well as the creation of a solid clientele.
  • Increase the company’s investments and assets to facilitate the creation of new services.
  • To establish a solid reputation in the construction and office furniture industries in order to take a leading role in the sector.

Core Values

  • We treat our customers with respect, trust and patience and believe that meeting their needs is our priority.
  • We grow through creativity, ingenuity and innovation.
  • We integrate integrity and business ethics into every aspects of our business operations.
  • Workplace safety is our top priority.

Scope Of Work

  • Aircon Services:  General Servicing, Chemical Wash, Chemical Overhaul, Gas Top-up, Installation
  • Specialise In System Furniture & Chairs




26 Sin Ming Lane 


Midview City

Singapore 573971


TEL: 6741 1919
WhatsApp: 9111 3939


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